Holistic Therapies for the Soul-Centered Woman

This is a space for empathic, soul-centered women to overcome Anxiety, integrate Trauma, and channel their Soul Purpose,

so that they can go from drained and disconnected to

fulfilled and embodied.

If you…

Feel anxious and overwhelmed by the stress of our modern world...

Have personal or systemic trauma stuck in your body creating patterns of mental, emotional, or physical pain...

Worry that you will keep repeating painful patterns in relationships as a result of trauma and anxiety...

Feel unseen or unfulfilled by traditional talk therapy and western medical approaches…

I believe that healing our world starts with healing the individual. I have seen time and again the ripple effects that one woman's healing can have on the community and the world.

I love working with other empathic, soul-centered women, because so often we have immense, untapped power and potential to share with our communities. When this potential is awakened through holistic therapies, anxiety gives way to pleasure, and overwhelm gives way to purpose.

I am dedicated to making this a safer space LGBTQ+ women. Anyone who self-identifies as a woman is welcome here.

When you work with me, you’ll experience:

A proven process to awaken and ground into your body’s wisdom, so that you can find more ease in your daily life.

Integration of systemic, cultural and personal traumas to create a felt sense of safety in your nervous system.

Awakening to your heart’s desires so that you can embody your true purpose in the world.

A holistic, grounded and effective approach that honors the interconnection of mind, body and spirit.


Pilot Program!

Begins Feb 2021

A Non-Linear, Transformational Approach to Anxiety

 What Women are Saying... 

"What a beautiful space to be 100% authentic. Can’t say enough about how yoga therapy with Alexi has transformed my relationship with my husband...so healing!!"

"This was the hardest, most challenging form of self-care I have ever done, and it was worth every second. I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I was loud, I was quiet, and there was room for it all. I've never felt that there was a space where I could truly just be in the moment and feel or say whatever I felt or wanted to say, until now. This was the first "safe space" I have ever trusted to be just that."

"It’s hard to describe the ways in which working with Alexi has changed my life. Mainly because the experience often does not come with words - it’s an embodied/somatic approach to healing that allows space for my body and mind to release old traumas and limiting beliefs that have been stuck on a loop for far too long. It’s more of a transmission of healing energy that often expands life times!"

"The work I did with Alexi was very powerful. She has a compassionate presence and held space for new awareness and transformation in my body and my psyche. If you're looking for a way to tune into and connect your emotional and physical bodies, I highly recommend."

"Alexi brings a solid and empathetic container to the way she works with others - which gives me permission to show up fully as myself (yes, even the messy, vulnerable, and resistant parts of myself I often don’t show to others). Alexi meets you wherever you are and will go as deep with you as you are ready - always incorporating a trauma informed lens in that she provides opportunities for voice/choice in our work together."

"I have been working one-on-one with Alexi for almost a year, after the sudden death of my husband. I was skeptical at first about this non-traditional approach to therapy, but after our first two sessions I had profound breakthroughs in my grieving."

"I have never experienced anything like this! Alexi's presence created a safe space for me to let go and explore blocks in my body, mind and spirit I didn't even know were there and work through them in a productive way."

"She allows me to get closer to myself & learn about the ways that spirit is working with me and the highest good for all. If you are searching for a transformative experience in your healing work - look no further in Alexi and the many offerings she provides."

My Story

I do this work because I have experienced firsthand the lackluster results of a medical and mental health system that does not start by honoring that we are embodied spiritual beings. 

When I suffered from chronic anxiety and panic attacks, my physician subscribed me an antidepressant, my therapist helped me interrupt harmful thought patterns - but it wasn't until I discovered Yoga Therapy & Energy Healing that my anxiety began to transform into fulfillment and purpose. Through these alternative approaches, I developed a deep relationship with my body and Soul that guided me towards ease, confidence and joy.

In the course of this growth, I have become an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist, a Reiki Master, and an Embodied Tarot Guide. It is through a fusion of these holistic modalities that I support women through their own empowered transformations.


Free and Flexible

Schedule a Free Consultation Call to explore how SoulFull Therapy can take you from anxious and drained to empowered and fulfilled.

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90 Minute In-Depth Intake and Intro Session

($270 Value)



Sliding Scale available for those in need

Schedule an In-Depth Intake Session. Get to know the SoulFull process and let me get to know you on all levels of your unique being - physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. 

In this first session, we will start tapping into your body's needs, explore how these needs connect with your Soul's Purpose, and begin healing the divide between your brain and your Soul.


1 Hour Sessions with Alexi based on established healing plan

$135/ session

We will collabortate on a healing plan that fits all your needs. Starting with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly healing sessions, and combining the modalities you need at each moment in time to transform on the deepest levels of your being. 

Modalities include:

Yoga Therapy           Energy Healing

Embodied Tarot       Channeled Meditation


As Needed 1 Hour Sessions

$135/ session

As the voice of your Inner Wisdom grows louder, you'll have the powerful support of a healer that deeply knows you and your journey.


Through as-needed maintenance sessions I will support you in staying with this deep connection you have developed, integrating your own embodied wisdom into every area of your life and every part of your Soul's Journey.

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