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Integrative Healing

Our clients are often people that have tried traditional therapy or medical interventions, and been disheartened by their experience. 

We are different. 

When working with the aftermath of trauma, grief, anxiety and depression, the latest research is clear - the body has to be a part of the healing process. We also know that your spiritual life is an essential part of feeling whole and integrated. Without working with all of these components, we cannot fully heal. 


We offer a holistic healing program, designed to move you out of pain and into alignment in all areas of your life. This path helps you to connect with your own inner resources of strength and wisdom, so you can create a life that honors your unique purpose.

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Awakened Counseling

In Awakened Counseling, we tend to the pain of the past, and use the present as our guide to uncover your patterns, strengths, and areas for growth. This is an individualized therapy, focused on cultivating connection and purpose.

Chas's approach to therapy is rooted in a calm and gentle presence, deep compassion, and intuitive exploration, using present-moment mindfulness and somatic experience. 
*Safe and effective to combine with EMDR therapy.*

Yoga Therapy

Our body stores both our pain and our wisdom, which makes it a powerful tool to transform trauma. We now know that healing trauma requires an integration of mind and body, and this approach works right at the intersection of physical movement, mindfulness, and therapeutic dialogue. This allows you to not only unravel the pains of traumatic experience, but also tap into your inner resources of strength and wisdom to facilitate incredible growth.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a specialized and highly researched therapy, designed to effectively treat trauma and
offer fast relief from pain.
It works by stimulating both sides of the brain through back-and-forth tapping or eye movements to help the brain reprocess painful memories, and reduce or eliminate related feelings of disturbance.
EMDR is also effective for anxiety, chronic pain,  complex grief, and depression.

This therapy begins with building emotional awareness, skills, and resources in order to create an environment safe for the reprocessing of traumas. Learn more.

Complimentary Services

Meditation Coaching, Private Yoga, Reiki & Thai Massage provide optional ways for you to enhance your healing. 

Meditation Coaching - a powerful option for those that want to incorporate more mindfulness in their daily life. 

Private Yoga - an opportunity to learn more about yoga and co-create an at-home practice to compliment your healing.

Reiki - energy healing that harnesses the natural power that surrounds us and flows within us.

Embodied Tarot - to increase spiritual connection, intuition and self-trust.

How Do I Begin?

Jumping into powerful healing can be intimidating, and we want to make it easier for you to reach out and connect to the help you need. There are two ways to begin a conversation: 

20-Minute Free Consultation Call:

Schedule with either Chas or Alexi to talk about what's happening for you right now, and we will share more about our approach to moving you out of pain and shame, and into your best life. No obligation, just an opportunity for us to connect and start to feel out if this is the right fit. Based on this conversation, we can decide together how to move forward.

90-Minute Intro Session:

Choose for yourself if you're more interested in starting with a session of Awakened Counseling, EMDR therapy, or Yoga Therapy. Either way, our first session together is 90 Minutes, so we have an opportunity to talk in depth about what's happening in your life, as well as a chance for you to experience our work first hand. Together we will create a plan for healing that makes sense for you as an individual, so you can start to see results as quickly as possible.

Join a Therapeutic Group:

Groups for both men and women are available throughout the year. These are closed, trauma-informed groups that support transformation through community. Check out our             page to see what's coming up.

Join the Embodied Tarot & Healing Patreon

An online community for spiritual support, designed to help you increase your intuitive abilities, deepen your sense of self-trust, and bring a more consistent connection with Spirit into your life.

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